Molly Brown, Philanthropist

Polly Pry, Reporter

"Doc" Susie Anderson, Frontier Physician

Molly Brown 4208.jpg

"Mother" Jones, Activist/Union Leader

Harriet Fish Backus, "Tomboy Bride"

Emily Griffith, Educator

Mother Jones 0726.jpg
Emily Griffith 7273.jpg

Helen Hunt Jackson, Author/Activist

Charley Parkhurst, Stagecoach Driver

Lillian Russell, Light Opera Star

Helen Hunt Jackson 0229.jpg
Charley Parkhurst 7192.jpg
Lillian Russell 0880.jpg

Ellis Meredith, Suffragist

Lola Montez, Actress & Dancer

Maud Nelson, Baseball Player

Ellis Meredith 4125.jpg
Lola Montez 3624.jpg
Maud Nelson 0524.jpg

Bertha Spears, "A Harvey Girl"

Rosamond Underwood, Socialite/School Teacher

Rosamond Underwood 0656.jpg

Susan Shelby Magoffin, Santa Fe Trail Pioneer

Prairie Rose Henderson, Rodeo Star

Mary Elitch, Denver Businesswoman

Susan Shelby Magoffin 7021.jpg
Prairie Rose Henderson 0412.jpg
Polly Pry 0764.jpg

Anne Ellis, Author

Nelly Bly, Journalist/Reporter

Silverheels, Dancer

Anne Ellis 0832.jpg
Nelly Bly 3414.jpg
Silverheels 0819.jpg

Amelia Earhart, Aviator

Katherine Lee Bates, Poet

Captain Jack, Miner

Amelia Earhart 0614.jpg
Katherine Lee Bates 0692.jpg
Captain Jack 7144.jpg

Augusta Tabor, Business Woman

Lillie Coit, Patroness of Firemen


Julia Holmes, Pikes Peak Climber


Mary Rippon, CU Professor

Alice Stebbins Wells, Policewoman

Mother Cabrini, First Sainted American

Mary Rippon 0386.jpg
Alice Stebbins Wells 0267.jpg
Mother Cabrini 7399.jpg

Lady Moon, Colorado Nobility

Frances Jacobs, Mother of Charities

Mary Coyle Chase, Denver Playwright

Josie Bassett, Rancher and Rustler

Miriam Davis Colt, Utopian

Dr. Florence Sabin, Medical Researcher


Annie Oakley “Little Sure Shot”

Bonnie Parker, Infamous Outlaw

Florence Lawrence, The First Movie Star

Alice Ramsey – Motorist


Klondike Kate
Gold Rush Entertainer


Byrd Howell Granger

Nettie Crook
Orphan Train Rider


Calamity Jane

Rae Wilson
Patriotic Benefactor

Elaine Goodale Eastman
 Sister to the Sioux